Media Releases

New services have opened




Latrobe Regional Hospital’s new Emergency Department (ED) and Avon inpatient unit opened to the public on Monday 4 December, 2017.

The new ED, located 150 metres from the existing hospital entrance (see above) began taking patients from 7am when the old ED closed.

The new ED features more points of care, including a designated ‘fast track’ area to ensure people with minor and low risk conditions are seen in a timely matter. A short stay unit will be used for patients who need further treatment and observation.

Children and their carers have their own waiting area which separates them from the general population.

The Avon Unit, one of two inpatient facilities in the new development, has also opened.

Patients from the ED will be admitted to the Avon Unit on Level 1 of the new building and some patients from the existing Tyers Unit will be relocated.

A new main entrance to the hospital on Village Avenue has opened. The hospital's reception desk has been relocated to the new main entrance or 'atrium' - a feature of the $79 million dollar development.

The current hospital reception will be staffed from 4-11 December. From Monday 11 December, LRH volunteers will start using the desk as a concierge facility to assist people with enquiries and directions.

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