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Low and negligible risk research

Latrobe Regional Hospital has established a Low and Negligible Risk Research process to review research where the only foreseeable risk is that of discomfort or inconvenience as defined in theĀ National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research

If you believe that your proposed research project involves only low or negligible risk to participants and that it may be eligible for review by a non-HREC review, you must discuss the project with the LRH HREC Coordinator before completing the Victorian Low and Negligible Risk forms.

Application forms must be completed in full, including the eligibility checklist, and must include a cover letter signed by the Principal Investigator. The following must be included:

LNRR (Vic) Low Negligible Risk Research Application Form

LNRR (Vic) SSA (Site Specific Assessment form)

PICF (Participant Information and Consent Form)

Protocol / Research Plan

These forms are completed via the online forms website which can be accessed via the link below. The online forms web site will ask you to create a log in, once in you can create an LNR and an SSA. When completing the LNR, the researcher is strongly advised to refer to the relevant section of the National Statement (2007) to understand the ethical implications of their answer.

If you are advised that the project has to be reviewed by the full HREC, you must complete an application for full HREC review using the Online Forms NEAF which can also be accessed via the link:

Complaint Contact details to include in applications: The Latrobe Regional Hospital contact details for complaints that are to be included in research applications are Consumer Liaison Coordinator, Ph 03 5173 8530 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Applications submission: Applications must be submitted online to Latrobe Regional Hospital and two completed and signed copies forwarded to the HREC Secretariat, Latrobe Regional Hospital, PO Box 424, Traralgon VIC 3844.