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Pre-Admission Clinic

The Pre-Admission Clinic provides you with an opportunity to prepare for your surgical procedure.

You may be asked to attend the clinic for an assessment of your health. This will help staff arrange any investigations or specialist referrals before your surgery. You will also be able to raise any questions or discuss concerns about the surgery or your care after you go home.

The information you provide at the clinic will be filed in your hospital record and ready for when you are admitted. As this is an extensive assessment of your needs and may include a number of tests, the appointment will take up to 2 hours. If you are booked for joint replacement surgery, your appointment could take up to 4 hours.


Why do you need to attend a Pre-Admission Clinic appointment? 


What will happen when you attend an appointment? 


What do you need to bring to the appointment? 


How long will the appointment take?