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Festive funds pay for new table

 Patient care is set to improve in Latrobe Regional Hospital’s theatres with the purchase of a new operating table.

The table can be electronically adjusted to suit the patient and the operation being performed. It also helps to provide a better working environment for surgeons by tilting the patient into the correct position.

The purchase was made possible thanks to the donations of more than 160 people who contributed to the hospital’s 2013 Christmas Appeal.

The appeal raised the $68,000 sum required for the table with significant donations from local social and sporting clubs, businesses and individuals.

One of the biggest donations, $26,000 came from the Latrobe Valley Irish and Australian Cultural Association which has sadly made the decision to fold after 40 years. In a final gesture of goodwill, the association distributed its funds to a number of projects and organisations across Gippsland.

LRH Board Chair Kellie O’Callaghan paid tribute to the support of the individuals and groups who shared their Christmas spirit with the hospital.

“We’ve been given a gift from our community that will go a long way towards ensuring we’re able to respond to the needs of patients across Gippsland, while providing our staff with the best possible working conditions,” she said.