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What to bring with you

What to bring with you to hospital

It may be some time since you were last admitted to hospital or perhaps this is your first time.

Here is a short list of items you should bring with you.

  • All medications currently in use, including those stored in the refrigerator. This also should include non-prescribed and any vitamin supplements. Your chemist can provide a list of the medications you are taking.
  • X-rays either recent or connected to your admission.
  • Appropriate night wear such as nightie, pyjamas, dressing gown.
  • Slippers or some form of appropriate footwear.
  • Toiletries such as shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, soap, toothpaste and toothbrush, hairbrush/comb and special toiletry needs such as steradent for dentures or contact lens solutions.
  • Continence aids if used and an adequate supply of these for your stay.
  • Hearing aids and spare batteries.
  • Glasses, both day glasses and those you wear for reading.
  • Details of or equipment for special care requirements such as walking frame/stick and any special treatments you are undertaking.
  • Diabetic glucometer and its accessories such as lancets, insulin pens etc.
  • People with colostomy or stoma bags should bring the items you usually use and an adequate supply of these for your stay.
  • A bag to put soiled laundry into for family or friends to take home for cleaning.


You may wish to store some of these things in a small bag at home in readiness.

Try to keep items that are portable such as x-rays, in the same place so they will always on hand.

Always let someone know where these items can be located.


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Freedom of Information

What is Freedom of Information? 

The Victorian Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 1982 gives you the right to request information held by government agencies including public hospitals and community health centres.

The Act gives you:

  • the right to access documents about your personal affairs, including Medical Records and the activities of government agencies
  • the right to request that incorrect or misleading information held by an agency about you be amended or removed.

 Latrobe Regional Hospital is an agency under the FOI Act.


How can I access information held by Latrobe Regional Hospital? 

Requests for access to your Latrobe Regional Hospital record can be made in writing to:

The Freedom of Information Officer

Latrobe Regional Hospital

PO Box 424

Traralgon Vic 3844


FOI applications must:

  • be in writing – not verbal
  • clearly describe the documents you are requesting access to 
  • include the application fee or evidence that you qualify to have the application fee waived 
  • be made to the agency that holds the documents you are seeking.

You can make a request yourself or you can authorise another person (for example, a solicitor) to make a request on your behalf. If you want someone to make a request on your behalf for your personal information, you must give them your written authorisation. In the case of requesting information relating to a deceased person, the consent of the person’s most senior next of kin who is of or above the age of 18 years is required. Proof of this relationship is required.


There is a Latrobe Regional Hospital application form for requests for information.


Is there a cost involved when accessing documents?

There are two costs associated with making a FOI request - an application fee and access charges.

These charges are set by government regulations.

Application fee 

There is a standard non-refundable application fee of $27.90 (effective from July 2016).

Access charges

An access charge is applied under the Act for processing your request. Access charges are applied according to the nature of the request and could include:

  • search fees - $20 per hour
  • photocopying - 20 cents per page
  • providing written transcripts of a recorded document - $20 per hour
  • supervising an inspection of documents - $5 per quarter hour


Can an application fee be waived? 

The application fee can be waived if payment is likely to cause you hardship. If you wish to make a claim to have the fee waived you must provide evidence that you receive social security benefits eg: a current social security benefits or health benefits card.


Processing FOI requests 

The Freedom of Information Act 1982 stipulates all FOI requests shall be completed within 45 days of the Health Information Unit receiving the completed request form and payment. Latrobe Regional Hospital provides an equitable service to all applicants, regardless of their financial resources. All FOI requests are treated in strictest confidence, as per the Latrobe Regional Hospital Confidentiality Policy.

Requests requiring interpretation of, or opinion on medical records or reports will be referred to the Chief Medical Officer for separate consideration.

The following factors are taken into consideration when prioritising your request:

  • date your request becomes valid 
  • the size of your request
  • the availability of the assessing Chief Medical Officer
  • the time taken to search for your documents.


If your request is declined, Latrobe Regional Hospital is obliged to notify you within 45 days of the date your request was received. If you are not satisfied with this decision you are entitled to contact the Latrobe Regional Hospital Consumer Liaison Coordinator on 5173 8530 to discuss your concerns.


Correction of personal records 

Every person has the right to request the correction or amendment of personal information held by Latrobe Regional Hospital which they believe is inaccurate, incomplete, out of date, or misleading. If there is information in your records which is incorrect or you do not agree with complete a request for it to be corrected, include in your request details of why the information is considered incorrect. Please note that you may be required to provide evidence to support your request.

Mail the completed amendment request to:

The Freedom of Information Officer

Latrobe Regional Hospital

PO Box 424

Traralgon Vic 3844

Latrobe Regional Hospital shall notify the applicant of the decision within 30 days on which the request is received.


Further information

Contact the Latrobe Regional Hospital Health Information Unit on 5173 8844.

You can also access more information on Freedom of Information from:

Freedom of Information Act

Victorian Government Freedom of Information website

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal

Victorian Ombudsman

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