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Beau brings positive attitude to LRH

Guest speaker at LRH's Annual Meeting, Beau Vernon, challenged staff to adopt a positive attitude in everything they do.

Beau, the coach of the Leongatha Football Club suffered a spinal cord injury that left him with quadriplegia after an on-field collision with another player in 2012.

Months of rehabilitation and his own courage and strength have brought him to the point where he is now able to drive a car, study and work. Beau and his wife Lucy are expecting their first child in March.

 Beau’s honest depiction of adjusting to life in a wheelchair captivated and inspired the AGM audience in November. Despite his own challenges, Beau says “there is always someone worse off” and “you don’t realise how good you’ve got it until it’s gone”.

 He encouraged staff to look for ways to make a difference in the lives of patients adding that the medical staff who cared for him never said ‘no’ but searched for a solution.

 “You may not realise that it’s the little things that can have an outcome. One time the doctors and nurses gathered up all my equipment and took my bed outside so I could feel the sun on my face. That was a really big thing to move the bed but just being outside was good for my mental health,” he said.

Pictured with Beau Vernon are LRH Chief Executive Peter Craighead and Board Chair Kellie O'Callaghan.